Jig for cutting 4-20 sided shapes on table saw


I saw a jig online that looked interesting, it is the Miter Set Segments. Basically it is a plate with holes that allows the miter gauge to be easily set for any shape with 4 to 20 sides. (I am sure everyone else has known about this but I didn’t.) Since we have a ShopBot and I have AutoCAD I drew up a very similar piece and cut the holes in a piece of pine. Then I tested it with a 9 sided polygon. Since it worked out great, I thought I would offer to leave it in the wood shop for anyone else that would like to use it.

Couple things:

  1. The real thing can be found at: https://miterset.com/ But it costs $80.
  2. Is there any approval required for jigs that are left in the area?
  3. Doug this might be a good use for that extra green plastic from the shopBot dust hood…


I may have to try a segmented bowl.


I loved this so much, I had to share on our FB. Thanks for contributing to our community on multiple levels.


That’s cool. Thanks for sharing!


That’s awesome, and it sounds like a perfect use for that green plastic. Have at it! No special approval needed.