JG Maker Black PLA+ Filament $9.99 per spool!

I found this very inexpensive JG Maker Black PLA filament on Amazon for $9.99 a spool. I decided to give it a shot and have been quite impressed.

I’ve been using rolls of it on both my Creality and my Bambu Lab printers at home, and both printers can run it at their full speed at 500 mm/sec, so the Prusa printers should easily be able to run it. I’ve already made it through a full roll and two other rolls of it currently printing. and two more on the shelf.

I can highly recommend this filament if you’re looking for a slightly glossy black, about mid way in between a full silk/gloss and matte.


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Thanks for the testimony. I may go buy a roll or two.

Other colors too if the sale includes em

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