Jewelry Topics- what do you want to learn?


I’m currently on a reading binge for jewelry books. I’m compiling a list of good ones to read if you’re interested in making jewelry.

What topics/classes/techniques do you want to learn?

I’m currently thinking it would be fun to have a class on how to make earrings, from cutting out a design to soldering posts/jump rings for lever backs. Maybe even setting stones in prongs/bezels.

I also think a ring sizing class would be a cool follow-up to Michael’s ring-making class. That way people can size the rings they’ve made in the past.

A prong setting basics class would be fun too, making a ring/pendant and setting a faceted stone (precious or imitation) and learning one or two different ways of securing a stone in prongs.

Let me know what you think or if you’ve got ideas/topics you’d like covered. And I’ll share a list of books soon.

Pics to show some of the process of setting a 4 prong head (removed CZs and reset diamonds) in a ring and some pendants and earrings I’ve set in the past.


Pendants holding mirrors. I use to have a rose one but I lost it at a concert.

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That could be part of a pendants class. Maybe a basic bezel making class too.

Prong setting for sure. Bezel making would also be a great way for beginners to take something they make on a cabbing machine and take the next step to a complete peice.


Dean has asked about prongs, so we’ll have a prong setting class for sure. I agree on bezels, have people take a canning class first, then they can come back for bezels. :slight_smile:

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A class featuring the rolling mill to imprint would be fun. It might also be cool to do a class on metal piercing.

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I just tried that a bit last night. We’d be limited to certain metals and thicknesses, Michael and I will need to chat about that. Here’s a pic of a random pattern I made last night.


Two things I did on the City Arts rolling mill that turned out well:
Sandpaper with shapes cut out of it with punches.
Lace… actually it was lace made of puffy teddy bears that I thought would probably not work… but I have a little copper bracelet with teddy bears on it…