Jewelry teachers wanted :)

Hey Makers - every time I give a tour of the space I mention that the jewelry lab needs involvement: classes would be an awesome first step! Also more regular users, sample projects, people who come here to make jewelry.

Teaching pays. We have instructors who make several hundred dollars a month teaching classes here. You don’t even have to be a member to teach a class, but it helps.

I’m going to reach out to some more networks to recruit, but I was hoping you all could fill me in since I am not a jewelry maker.

Here’s a description of our lab, with equipment and a lovely photo:

Three questions for you all:
What is your favorite tool that I should mention when I brag about our jewelry lab?
Do you have a photo of a cool thing you made in there?
What classes do you think might generate some interest?

I agree. This jewelry area is really underutilized.
As I have said to several folk at ICT, there are thousands of lampworkers in the Wichita area. Lampworkers make glass beads, marbles, and other smal items by manipulating a string of glass over a propane flame. It was crazy popular in ICT, with The Art Association (now Mark Arts) and City Arts holding multiple classes every class season. This went on for years. Probably late 90’s and into 2000.
The Bead place by the Warren Old Town Theater just closed. That was the only place where you could do lampwork if you didn’t have a set up of your own. And yes, I did hours and hours of this hobby. It is one of those things where you lose all track of time. It’s alot of fun.
I realize the problem is ventilation, especially in that small room. But I know that is a small obstacle to overcome amongst this group.
I also make jewelry. I have taken a silversmithing class at City Arts and would love to be able to finish a couple of pieces I’ve started. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what’s all in there. I will look next time I’m in.
As for teaching, I just feel like there have been so many basic beading classes offered everywhere, I wonder if there would be anyone that would take a class. Do you have people ask for one?
Probably anything for soldering should be emphasized, unless of course you guys figure out the venting for the lampworking.
Thanks for your attention to the area,
Gail Fisher

I have been think about a couple of simple classes like making a basic band ring and making a pattern wire bracelet. I think I might need some additional equipment in the lab to be able to do a class in a reasonable amount of time… more saws, more bench pins ( maybe like the one I donated that is on a clap where we could work in the classroom and maybe some half round pliers at least.

Jewelry has their $1000 that we did the fundraising for, and they could certainly use some of that for the equipment you suggest. Normally, that is at the discretion of the Area Lead.

About on the 13th of June, a friend of mine and Tam got together and selected some items to clear out of the Jewelry area and picked out some tools to buy.

I did not see anything written about the decisions made that day, so am just noting that the area is less cluttered and tools are going to be, or maybe have been ordered.

I simply provided the introduction. I was also here, but do not have any expertise to offer, just the desire to see the area get used.

Mike B

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I also took Silversmithing at City Arts. We could use a few more saws (or I would have to require that people buy one for the classes). It would also be nice to have some half round pliers. We could also use a few more bench pins. I donated one that I think could be replicated and used on any old desk …

With those tools and what is in there, I think we could do some ring classes and maybe pendant classes.


I think at least some of the specific tools you mentioned, if not all, were on the list Sherry and Tam made of tools to order. I wish I knew whether an actual order has been placed or maybe even received.

Mike B

Nobody has spoken to me about an order, as far as I know, but I’m happy to do that whenever they’re ready.

Just got text from Tam, will let her know @David offer. I’d offered to help get the order processed as well, awaiting her feedback with my availability.

It’s my understanding that Tam will be in contact with David to get supplies ordered. On Sunday I’ll be meeting with her to work on the wiki and schedule some classes.

Tam got 2 class scheduled today

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