Jewelry Lab Set Up and Authorization Time Jan. 3rd 1pm

We are planning a Jewelry Lab meet and greet on Jan. 3rd @ 1pm. We will be pushing all the tables back against the new walls and will have a chance to Authorize anyone interested in the Jewelry Lab. The next authorization class will be 2 weeks later in Jan. 2021.

This is your chance to get familiarized with the lab and tools in it. We have lots new to offer from start to finished jewelry options.

Since I am new at this, who knows who to put this on the Calendar (Jan. 3rd Jewelry Lab Authorization Class 1 Pm-2 Pm)?

Is this scheduled for Dec 3rd or Jan 3rd you have at as Dec 3rd in your initial post.

ahhh my bad, Jan 3rd!!!

@ladeana can probably help you to get your class/authorization setup on the calendar and the class registration tool so you can get people to sign up. We do need to remember to be careful about broadcasting events without having them setup for registration to limit the number of people who may show up because of COVID and social distancing needs.

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Requests for scheduling (or re-scheduling/cancelling) events should be sent to the event committee by emailing or sending a PM through Discourse to the group. For new classes it helps to fill out this form, and it looks like you already found that.

At this point in time it’s probably best to default to requiring registration for any events that might attract a significant number of people, even if they are free. Or at least an informal head count if it’s a members-only thing targeted to a smaller group.


Anxiously awaiting the class to post :slight_smile: :grinning:

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I am looking forward to the Jewelry Lab authorization! As soon as it is on the Calendar I’m in!


Please note: The jewelery lab is in the cold metalshop (that is not actually cold right now).

With the way things are positioned right now, having the metalshop safety class first is highly recommended.


see ya all Sunday at 1 for an introductory to the new lab!!!

It looks like this never got to the class schedule. My bad. I will be there today anyway in case you want to stop in and say hi and see the new tools

I look forward seeing this show up in the calendar.

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