Jewelry Lab Open Weekend May 20-21

Hello all! I know i have been less than diligent with new classes, and I appreciate that I’ve been given time to get settled after big life changes and a big thanks to my co-leads in picking up the slack for me.

To make up for that and to spur on intrest in all the shiny things Jewelry Lab is having an open house class-a-palooza the weekend of May 20-21st.

One on One basic silver working classes are going to be posted on both days. A class over how to use 3D CAD software to design jewelery for 3D printing-to-casting will be on offer as well.

If you’re still unsure of wanting to jump in the lab or where to start, feel free to drop into any class and observe just what is going on! I’ll be focused on teaching but will have no problem answering questions about the process as we work.

I’ll update here as the scheduling of classes gets firmed up.


10am-12p Drop-In Work Hour(s)

2p-4p Cabbing Authorization

430p-630p Cabbing Authorization

8p-11p Free-for-all Project Time

930a-1230p 1on1 Ring Class

130p-230p Open House Authorization
(20 member limit)

2:30p-530p 1on1 Ring Class


Awesome! Thanks for putting this on!


UPDATE: I will be adding a cabbing authorization class for Saturday.

Also Saturday morning if you have never known what to start making in the lab I’ll be there from 10a to noon to talk shop or help with projects.

Saturday Evening is going to be another open session where more then likely we’ll start working on a lab sign out of stones and metals, since that is all the rage now-a-days.

Just a bit of advice, the processes we will use to make the sign are the same that one would need to ‘test out’ for cabbing machine authorization and get authorized for the lab. For free. Just saying.

If the cabbing class fills quickly ill try to squeeze in another.


Can I register for the cabbing class on Saturday, and the general authorization class on Sunday? Or does the general authorization class need to be taken before the cabbing class?


That’s fine. One can be done before the other or vice versa


Eeesh those classes filled up fast! If you throw another cabbing class on the calendar I’d love to sign up for it.



Im going to post another class same day for 430 to 630. I will do so promptly at 5pm today.

Get your clicker finger ready.



I’m was slow to all the classes for the weekend of the 20th. I’m interested in getting authorization for the lab. Let me know what I can do to make that happen.

I have been taking silver smithing through city arts for about 6 months, and would love to be able to use the makict space. I am also willing to help out with chores and such to make the space the best it can be. But most of all, I need more bench time!! :smile:

– Brad


@Brad_Campbell There is an authorization class on the 21st.
If that doesn’t work for you pop by during Saturdays drop-in work time or the project free-for-all in the evening and ill get you squared away.


I’ll be there Saturday!

– brad


Quick Update:: Im canceling the evening open work session Tonight (saturday).

Ill try to stay over a bit Sunday to help people with any projects they are thinking of.