Jewelry Lab Authorizations

I will be at the maker space tonight from 6:30-7:30 if anyone wants to get authorized on equipment.
Free chance to get authorized on:
Cabbing Machine
Rock Saws
Propane Torch
Acetylene Torch

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I would love to get authorization for the Jewelry Lab. Is there a way you could put these authorization sessions on the calendar, so I can make plans?
Thank you,

Hi Scott. I will be there feb 15th for authorizations from 6:00-8:00

Also the cabbing class gets you a good session to learn from beginning to end how to use the saws and cabbing machine. There are 5 authorizations for the jewelry lab. That covers 2 of them and we could sneak in 2 more that night. Feb 16th on the calendar

Authorization classes need to be on the calendar. Authorization and Area Leads - MakeICT Wiki

Is anyone helping you with your wiki page?