Jesse (aka Jay)

I have been lurking in the shadows, watching from afar, casting furtive glances, and flirting with… MEMBERSHIP!

I first heard of MakeICT when they were still in Delano area. The idea/concept of an open maker space made so much sense to me, but by the time I worked up enough courage to drive over there, they were gone and I was sad that I waited too long and missed out. I later discovered they had simply moved further east on Douglas. So, I eventually attended a maker monday, took a class or two, and then…pandemic happened, MakeICT drifted farther away, and again I was sad. But then, I signed up for the newsletter (because it’s free) and saw all that was happening at the new space and was once again tempted by this siren song that is MakeICT.

I have since attended a couple maker mondays at the new space on Mt Vernon–once with my wife, once with one of my adult children, and decided to jump in. The biggest obstacle to membership for me has been justifying the cost and distance to the space from my home workshop. We live in NW sedgwick county. Here is directions to our place: take K96 past Maize and take a right just after your cell service drops out! Hopefully, MakeICT will not be moving anytime soon. I look forward to learning new skills and having access to some amazing tools and experienced help from all the makers here. That is what will justify membership to me.

As a maker, I enjoy woodworking, but would like to get into welding. I tend to make practical, utilitarian projects. I seem to prefer useful over whimsical, but would like to break out of that box. I am fascinated with upcycle/repurpose concepts and would love to stretch my own boundaries as a maker/artist. As an artist, I enjoy photography, videography and 3D modeling/drafting. As a tradesperson, I am an electrician. I spent 20 years in the electrical construction trade and currently teach in an electrical apprenticeship school. As a person, I am married to my best friend (24 years so far). Together, we enjoy camping, road trips, gardening, outdoorsy stuff, and hanging out with our children and our animals: currently 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 goat, and 9 chickens.


Welcome to the space Jay. I fear your story of watching the space grow from afar is a common one.
Glad to see we have you reeled in… you appear to be one of our people :). I live in far NW Wichita (21st N and 119th W). I am not as far as you are, but I was gonna get crabby about the move to SE Wichita until I checked google maps and was disappointed to learn it was only a 5-minute difference. (How the heck could I get crabby about 5 min.) Good news is we bought this place… so a move is very unlikely. (If we expand beyond that, you and I must get together and rally for a far NW branch :wink: )


Lol welcome!

I live way out there. Take a right at the Amish community, then drive till you doze off.