I brought this guy in to the space today so that someone with a better camera and a little bit of time could make a nice cover photo for Facebook or for our soon-to-launch membership drive kickstarter.

I thought that an evening picture on a stoop, surrounded by tools and fall foliage might look pretty snazzy, but I’m out of town this weekend.

It looks like you have all weekend (since the Kickstarter is still in review) to make a nice photo. I’m eager to see if anyone is up to that challenge. It’s at the space, just waiting for a creative touch.


Your pal,


P.S. Yes, I know this goes against the branding protocols on our website, but I intend to accompany the ACTUAL logo with any of these uses.


I’d be happy to take it with my night lense. I’ll try to do it in a dark corner tomorrow morning. If not tomorrow night. If anyone wants to photo shop it with this picture that would be cool.

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Who knew a pumpkin photo shoot would be so difficult. I have more if needed. I took 43 pictures


Those are awesome! Thanks for doing that. I’ll put that with the official logo and a title to make that Kickstarter look fresh!


When do we go live? Can I get the link?

Today or tomorrow. It’s in review by Kickstarter.

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