Issues with Luigi

Hey @FabLab folks,

I’m having trouble with Luigi this evening. Trying to cut through 1/8" Masonite and it will not cut. I’ve run down to 6mm/sec speed and up to 100% power. Even with 2 passes, no dice.

I’ll come back later when Mario is free but wanted to bring it to y’all’s attention in case something is up.


I’ll plan on looking at it tomorrow afternoon.

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@jameslancaster discovered that the lens was completely cracked in two! He tried a couple of replacement lenses and found one that works pretty well for now.


Thank you both for the help tonight!


That color reminds me of potassium iodide lenses i used to use.
But it cant be coz KI lrnses are sorta humidity sensitive.
Any idea what the material is?

I ask coz I learned where to buy inexpensive blanks… and make some of my own lenses for beam optics.

Just musing. Thanks for fixing it.