ISO Nomex honeycomb sandwich panel scraps

Looking for scrap peices of 1/4" or 1/2" skinned nomex honeycomb panels. Ideally pieces would be larger than 24"x36".

I’ve got a handful of low priority projects (mostly jigs) that I could use this for. The kind of thing that could be made again and again, so I could use now and into the future for as long as I’m making stuff. But, again, it’s low priority and I’d need to pick it up at rock bottom used pricing. Minor damage is no issue.

Anyway, if you’ve got any lying around or a lead on a source, please give me a shout.


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I will look in my garage but I know the biggest sizes I might have are like 8" x 18"… if i can findem. They are as yet unfaced, but we can remedy that…

Any interest in a 5 ft sq of cardboard hex panel. Skinned both sides? I think i have one at my rental house garage.

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Might check the yard or other aircraft surplus sales


Right on. I’d like to learn facing! The cardboard could be useful too, thanks!

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@ladeana I only check there a few times a week!!!


I will try to get my cardboard panel to the woodshoptoday or tomrrow. So far my forays into my garage did not find my nomex pieces, but I will look again when free from work conferences.

I finally cut the cardboard hex panel down to make it fit in my van.

Im hoping [again] to make it to Makeict early in the morning. Friday. I have a board to cut in half. But have a house signing at 11am.

I did drop off the cardboard honeycomb sandwich panel this morning. I am still looking for my nomex kit. Its here somewhere.