Iron Pour Henrion Hall Saturday

Iron casting

What is it, and what does it do?
This is short notice. I am reasonable sure that this will go. Starting at 10;00 AM Saturday the 5th.
We will be pouring about 800 lbs. of Iron during the pour.
The location will be the North side of Henrion Hall on the Wichita State main campus.
Henrion Hall

post some pictures, and/or build log that sucker RIGHT HERE!
update your post with it’s progress!


Don’t mind if I do! Thanks for the heads up

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Here we go again, I confirmed an Iron pour should happen at Henrion Hall Friday Dec. 2nd… We should be pouring around 2:00 PM.


I hope the weather is more cooperative this time. I won’t make it this time as I’m in DC until Saturday.


ill try and swing by after work 330pm. fairly sure it will be over by then, nonetheless its been awhile since ive been through henrion.

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Aw, man. Sorry I missed it! Hope it went well. Please update if you’re doing it again next month.

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I missed this but would have been there if it had not been on a work day. Do you plan to do this again soon, during a weekend?

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