Introducing, New Glaze Sample Cups!

Many thanks to scott for making dozens of little cups for our new glaze samples to replace the old flat sample tiles. These will give everyone a much better idea of what the glazes may look like on actual pieces. You can see how the glaze will split and change over deep texture, how it pools in the bottom of the piece, and how it lightens up around the rim.

Great work @ScottS !

And a few up close:


That will be very helpful! Nice!


Thanks for this it will help out a lot

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These will be useful. Thank you for making them!

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I watched him paint several of these. It was one of highlights of December 21st for me. Besides the ice cream cake I ate later.

I have some twine to attach to the holes to preserve them from metal hook destruction. I may be in this evening. If I can get in the building.



These are great—many thanks!!!

They’re up and relabeled and ready to inspire!