Intro to Crochet

Is there any interest in a basic crochet class?
Basic stitches, how to read a pattern, that kind of stuff…

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I’d sit in on that. I know how to do the basics and make a granny square. Haven’t done so in years though!

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I’d love to have others teaching there skills in the area go for it. I can barely crochet and really don’t have time to pursue it.

I would love to learn if someone is willing to teach. I’ve always wanted to make a granny square blanket.

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Yes please

I realize this is an old old post, but is anyone currently interest in learning crochet? I’m interested in teaching small groups how to make scarves.

They’re great beginner projects for learning and practicing basic stitches and counting, or for more advanced stitch patterns, color pooling (variegated yarn can make plaid patterns) , and general color work (switch between yarn colors to essentially create block lettering and pixel art). I create my own color work patterns using grid paper, and could teach that as well. I’m not as practiced with pre-made patterns, but may be able to help decipher simpler ones.