Intermediate Class in Spindle Woodturning

Could we have an intermediate class in spindle woodturning?

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Yes! What type of things do you want to cover. Specific Projects? I plan on scheduling more class times for January. We’ve had 16 members go through the Introduction to Spindle Turning and as of this afternoon 2 have signed up for the last Introductory Class of the year.

I have Maker Monday turning on Dec 23 scheduled. 7-8:30 It will be a Spindle Project.

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Hi, John.

Right now I’m interested in making Shaker knobs for kitchen cabinet doors. Later possibly a lamp base and chair legs.

My Mondays are filled for the foreseeable future.


PS - a class that includes selection of tools for personal kit and comprehensive tool sharpening would be great.


OK! Shaker Pegs and Knobs are almost the same. How do you intend to attach the knob to the cabinet door.? With a screw? Some other way? How wide? 1 inch, 1.5 inch? Are you going to paint them, Leave them wood? How many>
You can leave everything for a while to think about it.

Lamp base interesting. We can look at variations of form here. Check out There are candlesticks on the top and bottom of her gallery page. Or something more traditional. You could also do a barley twist.

Chair Legs. Those are a neat project.A lot of various forms there as well

Sharpening and pieces of kit are all do-able.

Thanks for the suggestions, John.

Have a wonderful Christmas!