Instrument Cluster Clock

Instrument Cluster Clock

I got an instrument cluster that was apparently pulled from a Chevrolet Impala. I’ve stripped out some of the guts and replaced them with 3 servos, 15 neopixels, a 1602 LCD display, a small oLED screen, a real time clock module (DS1307) and an ESP8266.

The servos drive the needles on the gauges, which will represent minutes (fuel), hour (speedo), and seconds (temperature). The 16 x 2 line backlit LCD screen replaces the odometer, and the oLED screen goes in the “Message Center” spot under the fuel gauge.

The video shows testing of the 15 neopixels.

This will all go in some kind of enclosure…still working on the design and materials.



That’s Awesome! Luv it.

Gene White