Instagram and other things

First, let me apologize for being completely absent from this and most of what I had intended to do at the space. My husband first had the stroke, now there was a heart cath and stent last Monday and next is an aortic valve replacement. I just can’t keep up.

And, now I am getting a bunch of login notices from Instagram, and I have no idea why. It might be best to take me off the committee completely because the notices seem to be based on makeict.

Apologies to all. And I hope to return on a regular basis soon.


My apologies for the notifications, the communications committee was trying to set up access for members to post and take care of Instagram. You shouldn’t be seeing any more of those messages past today, or if you do not in the volume you’ve seen in the past 24hrs.

I’ll see if @IT or @Communication can get you removed from that list or give you instructions to do it yourself.

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