Inkscape question

I have a program that makes Boxes for making your own cardboard Box in default inkscape extensions.
Problem is all lines are cut lines including folded ones.
All sections are simple boxes.
I want to make folded edges perforated.
Any easy way to change just one line on an object without selecting the whole box?

Only way I would know is to do it by hand.

Make a perforation line that you can use over and over (if it’s a dotted line, or a solid line that is to be “engraved”).

Then go through and replace the cut line with that perforation line across the box.

If you are having trouble isolating the line you want to perforate you may need to ungroup/break apart some things. You also may be able to select it separately with the node editing tool.

Once it is isolated you can set it as a separate layer in Lightburn and use perforation mode. Other laser software generally has similar settings.