Inkscape basics class

We haven’t had an inkscape class in quite a while, so I’m going to set one up for later this month. It will focus on how to create and edit designs for the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, plasma cutter, foam cutter, etc. I’m working on laying out the information for the class, and wondering if I could get some input from current users:

  • For those of you that are new to Inkscape, what kind of stuff do you struggle with when getting designs ready for those machines?

  • For those who are more experienced, what do you wish you had known when you first started using Inkscape?

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Moving objects up/down within a layer. The newer versions have fixed this issue by adding dedicated buttons for it so its much less of a beginner pain.

Have you considered updating the inkscape version on the laptops before the class? has been a fair few UI improvements over the version on the laptops and will train people on the version they will install at home.

As a beginner using Inkscape, I’d like to know the basics of how to design from scratch in Inkscape. From the people I’ve talked to at the club that are using the laser cutting machines while I’m there, they seem to think Inkscape is the software to use for design purposes. I’ve been trying to use Fusion 360, since that’s the design software I use for 3D printing, but it is such a pain to convert files from Fusion 360 to Inkscape so that they are compatible with the laser cutters, that I’m wondering if Inkscape would be the easier way to go for me, even though I wish I didn’t need to learn a new design software.
Mike G


There is no need to bring a file into Inkscape for laser cutting if you aren’t using Inkscape to create your design. The laser cutter software can import a DXF file. A quick google search tells me that you can export a Fusion360 sketch as a DXF file, but I have no experience actually doing that. Personally, I use the 2D CAD software LibreCAD, which uses DXF as its native format.

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I will say that spinning up something in inkscape is probably easier than fusion once you get the hang of it. I’ve got some journal stencils I’d like to do and I’m thinking of doing them inkscape lasercutter vs 3d printer.

I got the class posted:

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Yep, that’s a good thing to know, especially since it affects some of the boolean operations.

That’s probably a good plan. They likely haven’t been updated in quite a while.

That’s what we’ll be focusing on in this class, though you should be able to go straight from Fusion to LightBurn.

That depends a lot on what you are designing. There are things that are simple to do in Inkscape but would be a nightmare in Fusion, but the opposite is also true.

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I’ll be out of town Labor Day weekend, so I won’t be able to attend. Was looking forward to your class. Sounds just like what I need. Maybe you’ll have another one again soon.
Mike G


Thank you for offering this class. I’m taking the class offered at WPL on Thursday. I’ve watched many YouTube videos…but still hit snags…road blocks lol. Labor day weekend is my hurtle for the class…

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I didn’t realize I had scheduled the class on Labor Day weekend. Maybe I should bump it a couple days forward or backward.

I’m all for having the class before Labor Day. Whatever time works for everyone else is good with me.
Mike G

Because there is no such thing as Gebärentag.

Horrible joke… but a

Wait for it

Labor of love

I’m fine with it

What’s their version called

Would the Friday or Wednesday before that work? The 28th or the 30th?

Wednesday after 5:00 and Friday anytime works for me.
Mike G.

I added another session for this Friday:

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