Indiegogo Fence Sitting

Is anyone kind of on the fence about donating to the indiegogo campaign?

We need $12k to meet the required minimum for the payout from indiegogo by October 31st.

I’m thinking about donating but it’d probably be on the last day. I don’t have a problem making a donation (preferably not $12k, lol), but is anyone having a reservation about donating?

I understand that we’re getting close to the gift making season and employment has been sketchy everywhere, but is there something that can be done to help relieve some worries?


I had been holding off myself, but I went ahead and did the 5 year membership. I am also watching, and I am willing to make an additional donation if necessary.


I gave what I could Im tapped out


I’m awaiting my husband decision on how much I can spend. I’m hoping to do the 3 years.


I think it’s natural to have reservations and I would prefer people went for the memberships as I think it the best return on your investment and a way in which we can make a commitment to you as well. This is the last minute though. This funding is what we need to see this project completed.


Don’t forget that in addition to a straight donation, you also have the option of sponsoring a maker who doesn’t have the resources to make a long-term commitment. Not only does MakeICT receive the funds, but you’ve just added a (very grateful) maker to our community.


I’m also still waiting on Spirit to publish the indiegogo link in their daily news article. It may be Wednesday before that happens, but hopefully we will see a few new faces apply.


Please share on your Facebook too get the word out I got a few ppl interested from my drone flying club you just never know when someone might be on the verge of making a decision to join and this might be the spark but only if we get the word out to them.
Also if you know a make ICT member who dont get on forms they might not know about this opportunity


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that donated to the indiegogo campaign.

I was pretty worried about coming up short but it was a nice surprise to see that we are more than $3000 past our goal this morning. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, you all are awesome!


Past $5000 now! Woo Hoo!


I got 6 months, not what I was hoping for. We’re at 117% funded and over 41,000

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