In search of into into Ceramics class

Hey guys!! My gf and I would absolutely love to try out this whole Ceramics thing. But neither of us are very versed in the art. We’d really really love do to an intro into Ceramics class :slight_smile:

I know when we were at the other bldg. We had a really talented ceramic guy who did classes named James Hopfully we will start seeing him again.

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I hope so too!

Dear Ethan,

If you and gf want to learn about ceramics, just let me know and I am willing to set up at time for you and your grandfather. The only problem might be that the kiln has not been hooked up yet, but you would still be able to throw and let your pieces dry till the kiln is hooked up. I mostly throw and do a little sculpting to add to my thrown pieces. I taught a stem vessel class at the other building. If you would like to learn through a formal class, we can work out a time and date for you and your grandfather. My email is Tuesday and Thursday evenings will not work for me, but about any other time will.


The studio is coming along. We’re making some progress on the kiln. There have been a couple of classes taught so far. Stay tuned to the forum and the class calendar on the website for updates.


I’m pretty sure GF is Girlfriend
Most dont abbreviate Grandfather idk lol


That would be amazing!! I’ll talk with her and find a day that works for us :))

Frank was right, I did mean Girlfriend. Though it does make me want to see if my grandpa wants to make a trip down from Iowa for some Ceramics, haha!


Sounds great.

Hey @Richard are you still willing to show us around/help us learn some basics? Wednesday evening would work really well if that’d work for you!

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yes, what time works best for you?

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@Richard would 7pm tomorrow work for you?

Yes, that should work fine. Will there be one or two persons?

It takes me about 30 minutes to prep for the class.

Since this is not technically a class the wheels are not reserved, That is almost never a problem but it could be. There isn’t much wheel throwing going on right now.

I taught a one person class on Saturday, and it went real well.

Any donations for the learning experiences goes into a special dip glaze fund, that will be used to buy dip glazes that members can use for free. You don’t have to donate, its just fun for me to share my love for ceramics with others.

I will plan on arriving around 6:30 pm or even a little earlier.

Look forward to meeting with you and working together.

Rich Nault
If you need to call me: 316-648-5894


Thank you so much for your time Richard, I really look forward to it!!

There will be two of us :slight_smile: we’ll be sure to bring a donation for the glaze fund!




Richard, @hfrogers aka Hannah was also wanting some time in the ceramic studio. Would you be willing to let her come in as your guest?

@hfrogers have you signed up for a class? After that sign up for the new member orientation.