I'd like to get started on a project but

I’m interested in the Arduino gathering. I’d like to get started on a
project but this is a new area for me and I could use some advice from more experienced players.

I work in IT and have some C# programming experience. So it’s not a completely, left field endeavor. Still, let’s say I’m a total noob.

I’m hoping that I can do a simple project here at home from the bits of time I can find nights and weekends. But maybe I need more equipment than an Arduino board and a monitor and it would make sense to invest in a membership at MakeICT and to put the time in there?

I basically want to build a small beacon device so I don’t think its too complicated but I’m probably wrong. Haha.

Should I do the legwork and determine the board and other stuff I’d need before getting in the car and heading to the Arduino gathering?

Thanks for reading!

Why not just drop by tonight or another Tuesday and discuss it with James Tennant?