I signed up for the metal shop safety class but I don't recall getting a receipt kluman1706@gmail.com

Are there plans for a metal shop safety class?

@rustin.atkeisson and @Events could you answer these questions.

I cannot seam to find any registrations for the Metal shop safety class. on the wild apricot.

This should be simple enough to address since the class is free to members.
Have you taken the class and need the authorizations added to sign up for other classes or are you still needing the class and looking for the next one?

Thought I was signed up for tomorrow’s class

Hey Ken,

Since it’s a safety class, feel free to show up regardless of whether or not you show up on the registry.

I’m flexible on the limit. When you show up for class, I don’t mind adding you to the roster at the last second if need be.


I spoke with the instructor.

He is fine with you attending the class tomorrow. So go ahead and show up.


I will be there between 6 and 8 make sure to stop by and see me I will make sure you get the Authorization credit for the class.

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