I need your genius and skills at SketchUp Arduino Welders

Hi everyone,
I haven’t been a very active member, the last few years I’ve been battling cancer. I had a few months where we thought I was cancer free only for it rear it’s ugly head in a new location. The chemo and pain meds have my head muddled to the point that I feel like what someone with ADHD must feel. The things I’m trying to learn just don’t seem to set in.
That being said, I need and will happily pay someone with SketchUp expertise to help me design a shipping container home that I want to build on some property we have South of Udall, KS. Once the plans are approved by the HOA and I have building permits I will need people that can hand operate a plasma cutter and welders. I spent much of my life operating back hoes and excavators as well as laying block so hope to find someone that has blocklaying skills or want to learn for the foundations. I plan on doing everything I can but don’t have much stamina and have a hernia thanks to the 5 surgeries I’ve had in the last 3 years.
Lastly I plan on a greenhouse to run an aquaponics system and need an Arduino expert to help me come up with a pump controller that also monitors water temp, ph, and anything else we can get sensors for.
I know this year has been financially tough on a lot of people, we have been blessed. While I would accept volunteers I am prepared to pay $15 to $20 an hour for your sweat and skills.
I hope all of you are safe and healthy,