I need to make a headstone. please help (SOLVED)

a good friend of mine lost her husband about a year ago. in their garden, they have a small rock painted in his memory.
i would like to make her and her family a headstone for their father.
can someone teach me how to work stone?
it would mean the world to me.


nvm will use a Dremel

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Welcome to MakeICT!

I am sorry for your friend’s loss.

I have laser etched on small rocks, or we could make you a dremel template out of wood or acrylic on the laser.


would you be willing to show me the ropes on that process? i’ll take whatever classes would be necessary to learn how to use the laser / cnc / whatever the heck

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There’s a class tonight at 7, you’re welcome to lurk if you want to get an idea what it does before taking a class.

We can’t set a full size headstone on the laser table, but we can talk ideas.


Slate is a material that can be lasered.

Here is an example (Not Mine).


i am so sorry, i didn’t see this message till 8:11. when is the next class?