I need lightweight cardboard

I’m going to build a 2nd nibbler bit table to bring to the SWE expo, in addition to borrowing bill’s that is currently at a school.

it works best with thin cardboard - packaging, mailers, cereal boxes.

if I put out a box at the makerspace would anyone care to donate their clean broken down boxes?


Just saw this, if you take a picture of the box once you put it out, I can post on our socials about it to signal boost for you!

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Is there a size box that is too small?
The little black dense cardstock that my phone came in?
I have a closet with 2 shelves i keep decent and common size boxes. My box archive. I periodically purge some. So Im at a low. But i do have some of what you are looking for.

How soon is needed for SWE date?
I get into fablab once or twice a week.

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I don’t have the heart to cut up the NICE boxes!

I’ll think about it.

I did take some for my example photo though! @r3mm13 here is the official chewy box for donations, and a photo of examples of boxes that I can likely use. Once I get this cutter finished I can bring it to a maker monday or something and get ideas.



Yeah, i too have the gene that makes me say “gee what a nice box. Somewhere there is a throne for boxes that this handsome thing belongs on. So I cannot cut it up or even recycle it.”

I get it. Truly i do. Why do you think i still have these old boxes.
The rest can be tossed.
I did give you one of my new cardstocks, the 8x11 piece i will use fkr practicing making puzzles. [Yep… havent started that yet.].

I also have a big flat skinny box full of flattened cereal and cracker boxes. I use them as masking when painting and sealing. I have more than fifty of them and am done remodeling and painting for a long time. You could have them all.

Excuse corner: Im a recycle/reuse kinda person. I had boxes and boxes of short 2x4 pieces i had accumulated for years. And am proud to say… i kept them so long i was almost ready to toss them. But in the remodel project, I utilized every last one and coulda used more. [Brushes the dust offa shoulder]
Yup. Im finally throwing lotsa stuff away. I calculated how many years left i have to make trouble and to make other things at makerspace… and realized i had a hundred year supply of “things im going to get to”… instead of tossing or donating or selling off.

Dad was like this. He was raised on a distant farm. Its a long way into town for a nut or screw. So he saved them ALL.
I also lived at sea for 3 years. There aint no walking into town to buy that neat kit of fasteners. You get to be a little more hoarder-like out there. Im still recovering 50 years later.

Peace. And cardboard.