I made a blinky badge

The Blinky Badge

I’ve had an idea for some time now of a PCB board badge that has our logo. It started off when we were doing soldering at STEAM City at Riverfest one year and I thought “man I wish we could do these with our logo” The idea rattled around in my head and recently I Put my skills to use and laid one out.

The idea behind these is to spread the word about MakeICT. So the back has our address and website, the front has our logo and a bright sparkly LED. I’d like to see these taken to events where a volenteer helps people assemble their own. “look what I made at we should check this place out they were cool!”.

So here is how one assembles it.

Take a board

Solder on the Pin, it can be glued, but you have a hot iron right there so why not.

solder down both sides of the pin…

Solder down one side of the battery holder

And the other side of the battery holder

You may need to bend the leads of the switch a little

and solder down the switch.

Put the LED in with the long lead in the round side, and the short lead in the square side.

and solder in the LED, trim the leads, all that jazz.

and you have a finished Badge!

I’m giving enough for 100 badges ( I think) I’m also uploading the gerbers here.
blinkyBadge_2.zip (21.4 KB)
The parts I used were




Battery holder

I ordered the boards through JLCPCB

As soon as the batteries come in, I’ll hand everything over to the board, as well as one badge I hacked to run off of LIPO battery and is USB chargeable set up as a display.

Go MakeICT.



That’s a great idea.

How fun!

These are wonderful.

Batteries arrived!



What was your total cost for 100 badges? What is the size of the badge? These are great!

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That is an excellent question.

The cost to reorder using the parts above is about $160. So it breaks down to about 1.60 a badge. You could probably order all the electronics from mouser and drive the price down a little bit. That’s number is total including shipping too. I am glad I added the 18c for a switch.

1553974554396.mp4 (2.2 MB)


cute baby video?. What is the badge size please. I’ll pay for 1/2 of the next 100 if somebody will do the other half. Great Idea and good PR.

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OMG! Lol I can hardly believe that one went to pumpkin patch with her kindergarten class yesterday.

Here is the one I meant to post. The badges are 73.5mm (2.9in) by 60mm (2.3in) ish. I made them to be super hackable too.