I’m back after several years

I joined Make ICT sometime ago and left when life got really busy. Back then I was mostly interested in the laser cutter. Fast forward to now. Well life has changed and I have taken early retirement due to some health concerns so I have more time on my hands. I have done hand building pottery for years at another place before my car wreck and recently got back into it. So that is one of the main reasons I joined this time around. I have lots of interests at this time. I would like to try screen printing, learn about the textile area, I already crochet and knit but would like to use the embroidery machine. I will mostly be using makeict during the day. I also make cards and paper crafts and have made a few barn quilts. I’m a little concerned about some negative comments on here but will give the spaces a try and go from there.


Welcome back!

Don’t let the forum get to you. It’s a tiny percentage of the users that make it difficult for the rest of us.

It really should be about Making and our mission of building community.

Sorry to hear about health concerns. Hoping that early retirement makes you happier and more free.


Welcome back!!! YEAH!!!


Is the behaviors in question any of it safety concerns?

It’s the same behaviors in our forum as are visible many other places online. People being argumentative, mainly.


Hi, welcome. Come join us on the next Day of the Thread in textiles. Its a social meetup. We have a knitting machine in there you might like to try. There is a large supply of yarn available as well as fabric. Feel free to explore the room.

The longarm quilting machine, sergers, and leather machines require authorization prior to use.


When is the Thread in Textiles day? Sounds like fun


Welcome! Our interests are similar. I am using the laser cutter, textile room (mainly long-arm quilter, but interested in the embroidery) and the ceramics area. Eventually will do some screenprinting also. Hope to see you in the space sometime.


The day of the Thread is on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and on the public calendar. MakeICT.org/calendar


I love it that you guys decided to go with “DAY OF THE THREAD”


Sara, Looks like we do have several interests in common. Do you have a normal time you try to get to MakeICT? I know a Sarah Foster that was a teacher. I think she spells her name with a h, but its been awhile since I have worked with her I could be wrong. Is it you? lol


@Brendaubben they are the 1st and 3rd tuesday each month. Theyre on the event calander as well if a reminder is needed