Hunting for YouTube term

Is there a specific discipline or term for how fabrics interact with a frame? I’m laying burlap over a cardboard frame, trying to make a Jack and the beanstalk, beanstalk. The texture of the burlap is overwhelming the frame and I was hunting for something that would help me see before hand what the final thing would look like. Something like sculpture upholstery?

Sculpting fabric is a term that I’ve heard… I’m not sure I’m understand exactly what’s going wrong.

I’m making a gian’t beanstalk for Into the Woods…The burlap bags I got from Brady Nursery smelled like old cocoa beans. I put the bags in the washer and they wrinkled. The wrinkles added volume and a texture which suprised me, which I can work with, I just didn’t see all that coming before hand.

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