Humbling trials today

I spent some time trying to clean, prep, and expose a few screens to attempt a 3-color print.

We had just enough emulsion to coat 3 screens, so I made sure to take my time and do everything right.

Despite this, my design didn’t want to play nice, and the emulsion started blowing out during my wash-out after being exposed. Super bummer. But I’ll keep trying!

We’ve got more emulsion on the way, but where can I get some right now? I’m eager to finish my art project before the end of the week?

Here’s what I’m TRYING to do…


I’m a screen printing noob, but it looks like Michael’s & Hobby Lobby both sell screen printing (photo?) emulsion.

Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.
— Jules Verne, 1826-1905, French writer

Mistakes are not only part of life, they are the maker movement. If the maker movement had but one resounding call it would be Ex Deliquo, Cognitio. Professionally I write that in my notebook and refer to it often. As a hobby I am SUPER afraid I’m going to mess up some project. And I get Hung up on ruining materials because I may make a mistake. I have a big block of ebony and a beautiful knife blank. Some brass sheet and a gorgeous dragon decorative pin. In a box.

So I bought a marking knife blank and some cheap ebony scales to allow myself to screw it up. I probably will.but that’s ok, because that’s how we get good at stuff.

My first high voltage project caught fire.
My first wallet looks like I hacked it with an axe.
Don’t get me started on the mistakes I’ve made in code. Making mistakes is great because it means your making progress.

And I know YOU know this… but out there somewhere is someone like me frozen on a project because they don’t want to ruin the materials. I say unto you… they are far worse off if you do nothing with them. Go make mistakes!

Ex Deliquo, Cognitio

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If you can wait till Monday I have some I can bring to the Area Leads Meeting.

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Plan vs result. Not bad.


Best one so far. Pretty happy with those colors.


looks good!!

I want to know who is reaching into the water…

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The person who threw the frisbee?

…or is it the person that took her clothes and pushed her in?

That’s the lady of the lake, bestowing her Excalibur-level disc to a worthy player.


Looks so magnificent!

Is it the Lady of Gypsum Creek returning a lost Disc Golf disc in Cessna Park?

EDIT: Annnnnnd, just saw your comment…

Nice I like it great work.