How many pickled peppers did PeterPiper pick?

I cleaned out some of the pepper plants after the last frost and gleened as many viable peppers as possible. Then I pickled a few. I have kosher pickled banana peppers, kosher pickled jalapeño slices, kosher pickled lunchbox peppers and some pickled turnips. I think there is jar of kosher pickled scotch bonnets. I am not a pepper eater, so if anyone would like some, just ask.


Thanks for doing this it’s another example of you being generous with your time and effort we could all do well to emulate.

I would definitely enjoy some pickled banana peppers and some jalapenos


Scott, I too appreciate your willingness to share your time and knowledge. Thank you. I would love to try your banana or lunchbox peppers.

I put the jars of pickles in the glass cabinet in the lobby. I have tagged Mike and Paula with a banana and lunch box each. The rest are free for the taking. There is one jar that is not marked because I do not know what kind of pepper it is but I do not believe it is a hot pepper.


Thank you Scott!!! I’ll swing in tomorrow! Very much appreciated. Can’t wait to enjoy.