Hotend case and holder

Built this from scratch to hold and protect my hotends on my 3D Printer
I have also been trying to build up an inventory of stuff I have designed and selling the stl online for people to purchase.


That’s not a bad idea… might be worth spacing the hot ends out a little more and threading the holes so that it’s a little more difficult to accidentally dump them out.

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I like it. It looks nice. Keep it up and keep making. What cad software are you designing your parts with?

did you just shade the tops of raised numbers with a sharpie?

Is it 3 pieces just so you can reuse the enclosure? Why not print the bottom and nozzle holder as a solid piece?

Thanks for the inspiration. I am going to make an insert for my storage bins to hold the nozzles instead of dumping them in and fishing them out. I mocked it up. I am printing a nozzle thread test, to make sure the threads are correct and the key can spin with adjacent holes filled.

I like slide covers. I think the little clasps will fail with much use. I have used dovetails in the past for some makeup cases for my wife. I am just going to try a circular grove that is not as sharp ase the dove tail. I could introduce come spaced depressions as a graduated opening lock so you could slide it open to regular intervals. If anyone would like one with a cover let me know and I could finish the cover.

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I like yours so much more wish I would have thought of this very cool!
I did use a sharpie because I resin printed these I also did one in fdm and ended up using a sharpie because for some reason my M600 did not take in Prusa slicer for cad soft ware Im using 123D and meshmixer.
i wish i was better at cad i have a lot of designs rolling around in head


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What was the resin print time for the yellow nozzle insert? I have never done any resin printing. I am sure you could get better thread quality then fdm. What material is that? What is the resin quantity/cost?

Just keep at it, You will get more proficient at any tool you use. The ideas are the hard part.

If you have a design you would like help with getting it into a cad model let me know. I enjoy collaborating with others on project they need help with.

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1hr42min was the print time 315 layers
a 500g bottle of resin was 20$
i bet i could get 20 prints from a bottle just guessing
never tried threads but i am concerned the resin might be to brittle for that
i am just new into the SLA world but i bet they have a resin that is more durable
i have been looking into high temp resin that i can possibly make clam shell mold injection so i can do something with all these scraps of PLA

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