Hot Water Heater Exhaust Broken

During the Screen Printing shop drain pipe unclogging operation, a success, Doug and I observed that the Hot Water Tank flue line to the chimney is: broken at the elbow where it goes behind the shelving and disengaged from the chimney. The result is that the hot water heater is venting CO2 directly into the room. This is dangerous. I put the hot water heater in pilot mode. I did nothing else.
I am happy to come to the space tomorrow late afternoon to help repair the flue pipe.
That is my earliest availability. It is likely a 2 person job.


Put me in, coach.


Thanks for finding the problem and working on a solution!


Doug and I were able to reassemble the water heater exhaust line and restart the water heater.
However, the exhaust line should be replaced, as it is older.
The water heater has been re-lit.


Thanks to all on that. Glad its behind us.

Venting CO2 into inside spaces is not a good thing. We dont want to do that. Even worse, some of the natural gas combustion products include carbon monoxide: written as CO.
CO poisonings can include headache and heart symptoms. And can take weeks to recover from. In work spaces where this might be a persistent danger, lets consider a CO detector so we can know.

Where is a helpful chemist when you need one? Right Here.

I like being a maker, but when im purposefully making CO for a click chemistry project, I control all fugitive vapors. Making CO is a big deal, safetywise.

Lets not purposefully do that… “make Carbon Monoxide” … and not exhaust it.

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