Horizontal bandsaw

Cleaned the Grizzly G0561 up a little today.
Looked like it needed a new drive belt, possibly a new brush, and of course the belt all of which are pretty easy. However I couldn’t find the
Any chance it’s hanging out in a dark corner somewhere?
It’s just such a useful piece of machinery, and I’d love to get it back in commission.


It’s being repaired. I asked about it awhile back, even suggesting we could make a new one but somebody is supposed to re welding it. Haven’t heard an update on that repair


So it does exist! Good to hear, lol

Rustin is checking on the status. Since I’m sure it’s a cast part, I am a little leary of the attempts to fix it. The most successful way would probably be to braze it, but if care isn’t taken to get the parts to go together just right, the guide bearings won’t be lined up right, which is why I was suggesting maybe we just get the material and make a new one from steel. I guess we’ll see what Rustin finds out.

I had accidentally busted the guide while trying to replace one of the bearings that had gone bad. The person I asked to repair the guide had a couple of hot jobs pop up that they are still trying to knock out first.

I looked into ordering a replacement, but shipping doubled the price of the parts and I haven’t had much luck in finding the identical replacement part on eBay. There’s a lot of aluminum guides out there, but I’m not 100% certain that they’d be direct drop ins for this grizzly.

For now, there’s still the chop saw and the portaband for smaller cuts.


Right on.
Once the weather get’s a little better I might want to be making a trip to the Grizzly showroom in Springfield. If the part is available there, I’d be happy to pick it up!

Well, doesn’t sound like things are going well on welding the guide back together.

And now I remember what the problem was after checking the shipping rates again…

The P0561269 guide is on back order.

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Thanks for looking into it. The bandsaw really does expedite much of the work I do in the metal shop!

We’re looking into making the bearing replacement easier as well to reduce the chance of breaking something else in the future…

Very interested in what you’re finding out. Want to learn the thing as best as I can!!!

It should be a pretty straight forward fix.

Pressing out a pin that held in the top bearing caused the cast metal guide to fail. Instead of pinning in the bearings on the top of the guide, we’ll use slightly undersized 8mm shoulder bolts.

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Can’t wait. I had a heck of a time trying to use the chop saw on a smallish piece of bar stock I was working on.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use the portaband on small pieces like that.

Well it didn’t start out as small pieces. I was stacking a billet so I started out with a long bar that worked well on the chop saw. It wasn’t until the last cut that I started having trouble

Most of the cutting I’m looking to do is on long bar and tube stock up to 4x4, I don’t want to use the portaband on any of it!
edit: I didn’t see that you were replying to Souvielle… but I still don’t want to use the portabnd for those cuts!

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The grizzly is back up and running. Unfortunately, I have not hooked up the coolant system yet, so I would avoid cutting tool steal for now.

Aluminum should be alright…


Thanks @rustin.atkeisson

thank you Rustin!

Is there anything special needed to get the coolant going?