Horizontal Bandsaw blade broke, lock screw on tubing bender, compressor

One of the bearings on the adjacent to the coolant valve was seized, I was able to loosen it it up, but it does not run smooth and has a flat spot where it was stuck.
The brush was also seized and completely logged with metal dust which had rusted up. Managed to get it cleaned up slightly, but meh surely needs replacing.
Also cleaned shaving deposits from the drain pan and inside of the access door.

Tubing bender:
the lock screw boss weld broke, the screw and boss are on the counter next to the bender

running to 145-150psi before release valve triggers, was making popping noise intermittently

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Tubing bender? Do you mean the pipe bender or the ring roller?

Somebody had said the compressor was acting up a few days ago, but then it couldn’t be duplicated. Are you saying the pressure relief valve is opening?


Dave, the 16 ton pipe bender.

And all that is broken is the screw boss for locking the square tube into the base column. Still very functional and safe just a bit jittery in the connection to the base.

Sorry for the ambiguity!

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And yes the pressure relief valve is opening between 145 and 150psi… don’t know what the limit is supposed to be on the switch, but now that I think about it, the on off lever does not seem to be functional.
I have been plugging it in letting it come up to 140 or so, unplugging it and going about business as usual.

The popping noise was so infrequent (only happened once while I was personally using it, and then only briefly) that I couldn’t speculate at the conditions causing it.

First heard it when another member came into the lobby freaking out when it started as he was using the sand blaster.

It was a constant quick regularly timed loud pop at that time accompanied by a little burnt rubber smell (not sure that was from the compressor). I had him unplug it, and felt the motor casing and compressor and both seemed in normal temp ranges. The motor barely warm, and the compressor cool at the bottom and hot, but tolerable, to the touch at the cylinders. Noise definitely seemed to be coming from the compressor.

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Sounds like it’s not shutting off when it gets up to pressure. The switch assembly probably needs to be repaired or replaced. Is the pressure switch in the same place as the on/off switch?

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Normally, single stage compressors are set to cut off at about 135 psig, while two stage compressors are usually set from the factory to shut off at 175 psig. Seems from memory that our compressor is single stage, so if it’s not shutting off when it’s supposed to, somebody might have adjusted it up for some reason.

And yes, that compressor should probably have an integrated pressure switch and on/off switch assemble.

I don’t see any security torx drivers so I’ll have to bring one from home. Confirmed that it should shut off at 135 psig, so if it’s turning off well above that, that explains things. Of course, did I read somewhere that the on/off switch had no effect? In that case the whole thing is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Probably available elsewhere, too, but Grainger has this switch available for order to be here Wednesday.


Is this the part you are talking about? Are you sure it belongs to the pipe bender?

The air compressor is locked out because the switch had been reported faulty.

I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $30 for one… certainly not $192. Could probably get locally at S&S equipment as long as it’s the right voltage and right (or adjustable) PSI range it should work.
Found them starting at $13.95 on amazon

Yep, the pipe bender has a square tube welded to the bottom of it that sets in a square hole on top of the base column, this was welded to the side to lock it in place

There are generic pressure switches. As I understand it, IR is going to be making a donation of time/service to MakeICT, so we (really they, leadership) are going to see if they can provide a replacement OEM switch. If that switch has, in fact, already been replaced in the past, it does seem like it would be a not-bad-idea to upgrade it to something more reliable. At least the pressure relief valve works like it’s supposed to!

I think that boss is cast, right? I don’t remember what it looked like now. It was probably a bad idea to use it in the first place. I agree that it probably isn’t needed since I don’t think the pipe bender is going to jump out of the stand on its own. If somebody thinks it needs to be locked in, they can just weld a nut to the tube and put a bolt in it.

There might be a chance, a small one, that i “might?” be able to score a free horizontal that is still functioning? that we could use for parts… as soon as i know more, ill let you know.

Are you talking about a horizontal bandsaw? Or a horizontal compressor?

If you mean a bandsaw, and if there’s no interest in using it at MakeICT, let me know. I might be interested.

The items that are needed for the Grizzly are all consumables, so it’s not like we shouldn’t be replacing them as needed anyway.


horizontal bandsaw. it was taken out of service because it was lacking some safety features. it looks a lot like the one at makerspace. ive asked about it, now i have to wait and see if i can have it

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