Homeless shelter

Think you could get the City to help fund making some of these?
Engineer Designs “Igloo” Shelters To Keep Homeless Warm in the Winter (returntonow.net)

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Currently, the city and county combined spend less than a $1 a day for homelessness. First that would have to be changed. Though they did just help a non-profit buy Hotel 316 to make it a women’s shelter. That parking lot might be a good candidate for some of those. You would probably have better luck partnering with another non-profit and working together to get a grant than government dollars in this climate.

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What’s the price point on this? I have several guys that live down by the river who could use one of these desperately.

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I don’t know what it would go for here. It wouldn’t be difficult to construct, and shouldn’t cost that much. But MakeICT told me to find someone else, so I dropped it.


It is unlikely that the City of Wichita would want to fund the building of this type of temporary housing for the homeless. They already regularly break up the tent villages that develop organically around the downtown. In the past I’ve discussed this very idea of small shelters for the homeless and have been told that while it seems like a good idea it isn’t. The reason being that it encourages a further disconnection from society at large and what aid is available from social services. Effectively, it is a band-aid that further allows the individual suffering homelessness to sever their ties and disconnect from the larger body of assistance and aid, albeit small as that is in this community.
MakeICT is a community of Makers but our main thrust is towards helping other people to make things so while we can support your efforts to learn to make such a shelter it is not in our wheelhouse to make them on mass and then implement a homeless housing program. You may wish to discuss the idea of building and distributing these with some of the professionals that work regularly with the homeless. I’ve included some links from the City of Wichita https://www.wichita.gov/Housing/Pages/Homeless.aspx


I’m asking on a personal note…