Hiya Makers!

My name is Raven Tanner I have been considering a membership for a while and I think I’m ready to commit! I miss having a place to do ceramics after high school. I also cosplay and sew my own costumes. I enjoy a splattering of paint, pastels, and color pencils for drawing and illustrations.
I do plan to attend the Ceramic session this Tuesday with my mom and the makers Monday next week! Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Welcome, I’m excited to meet you Monday as well! You should consider teaching some classes. We could particularly use some teachers for painting and sewing type projects! You’d decide everything (day, time price, class size, etc) and then you make 75% of the proceeds!


That could be a lot of fun! I’ve been doing scrunchies with my friends. It’s a nice intro project because you have to use both machine and hand sewing but can be done so quickly that you can feel accomplished pretty immediately! Plus they are super popular right now.


I have a power point presentation laminated with fabric and elastic pre-cut in the textile studio available for anyone to make scrunchies at any time.


Okie dokie! That’s awesome! I will be really excited to see what I help with once I know more!