Hi. New here

Hi, im Travis. New here just got my badge Tuesday…

I do alot of making/ building already. With my one 3d printer, diode laser, welders, and powder coating

Im a amateur car builder and semi professional racecar driver so thats where most of my hobbies focus around…

Already have wood shop authorization and headed to metal shop next week hopefully laser class comes.up.soon so i can still be productive when mine is broken(likeright now)

Thanks for havin me


Cool! You need to tell us where and when you are racing. It could be a fun field trip.

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I dont do it far enough. But i try to do things called drag and drive. Where i have yo drive my race turck from track to track they are usually 3 to 7 day events so it requires some traveling to get to them unfortunately


welcome travis

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Welcome! Glad your aboard.

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