Hi, I'm Logan!

Hi everyone,

My name is Logan, and I am new to Wichita. MakeICT was definitely on my radar as soon as I learned we were moving. I visited at the Arts Mixer and have had a tour - glad to be here!

Most of my crafting is sewing and fashion. I am a fantasy cosplayer (@lichandlibertine on Instagram) that will hit up multiple Renaissance Faires this year, so look for me there! I have a Jack Russell terrier, lots of plants, and a weakness for Thai food. Other hobbies include TTRPGs and worldbuilding, garage sales and thrifting, and adding to my Broadway Spotify playlist.

I can help with:

  • basic sewing
  • basic foam cutting and EVA work
  • scrapbooking and Cricut paper things

I want to learn:

  • quilting
  • 3D render/printing
  • ceramics
  • letterpress and bookbinding

See you on Saturday at my first class - Quilting for Beginners! :smiley:


Awesome! You sound like a good fit :slight_smile:


Welcome Logan


Welcome to Doodah!

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