Hi I'm Kim, I am not new

And I just invited EVERY active MakeICT member to this forum :slight_smile:

We have an introductions category now, not just a thread, so everyone post a topic about yourself! If you’re actually here to learn about me, probably better to go here:

But that’s up to you. You can also just use this thread to test replies, or ask me a question, or say thanks for the invite, either way!


Thanks for the invite! Needed it to get started. Signed up for a couple of things this weekend. See you at fidget spinners? I’ll have 10 yo Serrada and 8 yo Nigel

Thank you, Kim, for the invite!

Now I need to get to MakeICT more often to get my badge upgraded, make use of some of the classes I’ve taken and bring in some 1stGen Lego Mindstorm RCX kits/pieces/parts for repurposing…

Mike C.
Pretty Prairie, KS

Thanks for the invite :drum: I’m loving the emojis :clown_face:

This is a big improvement from the google group. Thanks!

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