Hi, I'm Keith

Hi everyone, I’m Keith. 57, retired Air Force, retired defense contractor and retired business owner. But, I have two young children at home, so I’m a full-time Dad. :slight_smile:

I’d like to join MakeICT primarily to use the woodshop, and to help my son (a mature 12) learn to use woodshop equipment. I’ve used the woodshop at McConnell AFB in the past, so I’ve been trained/certified in the past on most woodshop type equipment; however, I understand the need to have everyone trained/certified before using the equipment.

I’ve checked the calendar and don’t see any dates scheduled for the next woodshop safety course. Does anyone know if there will be another safety course scheduled in the near future?


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Hi Keith,

There will be a Safety class scheduled after the 9th of May. Keep an eye on the calendar for updates. Welcome to the makerspace.

Thank you.