Hi! I'm Joni

I’ve been told I’m a little crazy and a lot creative! I love creating with my hands. Recently I have got back into calligraphy, as well as trying my hand at watercolor lettering. I want to combine the two into some frame worthy projects somewhere down the road.
I have multiple projects of different areas, in different stages of completion, that need my attention. I feel, by having the dedicated space for being creative, will enable me to complete those projects as well as start new ones. And this excites me so!
I heard about MakeICT while volunteering on the paint the street project in the Douglas Design District last year. My extensive travels have kept me from attending get togethers or classes, until recently when I took the Vinyl Cutting intro class. I found it fascinating and cannot wait to do more. Since then, it has been my goal to get to a Monday night visit and apply for a key! Which last night - I did both.
My current interests are laser cutting (metal & wood), screen printing (one & four color), pottery, and textiles to start, as well as learning more about multicolored vinyl cutting options there are.
I’m eager to learn and dive into the fun!
Thanks for having me!


Welcome, Joni! Calligraphy is SO cool, you might consider teaching a class on it and the watercolor lettering!! I think people would love that and it could pay your monthly dues!


SOMEONE gave me a bic fountain pen and it has sent me down a dark path… caligraphy is one stop on that path…

Welcome! I’m excited to see some of your work!

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Cool! Welcome to the space

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Thank you! Glad to be here. I’ve passed the calligraphy comments onto MY instructor in hopes she will join and spread her knowledge and expertise. I’ve taken 3 of her classes recently and her most difficult part of doing classes, is finding affordable space. Crossing fingers it’ll happen soon. :slight_smile::crossed_fingers:

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Excellent! You can tell her she sets the price, times and class sizes.


And all we take is 25% and a $5 facility fee for non-members who take the class.

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Welcome to Makeict hope to see you around!!

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Thank you.