Hey, I'm Ryan!

Hey fellow makers, I’m Ryan and I’m excited to make it to the upcoming Makers Monday!

Currently, I’m just in the beginning stages of learning some basic 3d modeling but love keeping my printer running with fun 3d trinkets, I like to build and fly racing quadcopters, I really enjoy woodworking and continuing to expand those skills, and wrenching on vehicles.

I have never welded anything and recently felt like that has been missing in my life so hopefully I can add that to my skillset at some point. I’m also looking forward to throwing some clay! Haven’t got to do that since high school!

Anyways, looking forward to meeting some of you soon hopefully and joining and the community! Can’t wait to learn something new!



Welcome. Sounds like you’re in the right place!


Welcome Ryan!!!

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Welcome! I hear ya about the welding! I’m a programmer by day & have done a fair amount of woodworking over the years, but I’ve always wanted to weld. About a year ago I took the Metal-shop safety class, then the welding class, and finally the plasma class. Man, it is as awesome as I had hoped it would be.

That being said, I seem to spend 2x as much time grinding as I do welding. :slight_smile: