Hey everybody!

My name is Anthony and I’m super stoked to be part of this group!
I’ve been a member since early May but haven’t had a ton of time to make it in yet but hopefully will here soon. I joined up mostly with interest in the screenprinting department but I’m excited to take part in some classes and learn to make some more cool stuff. Everything in here looks super interesting and something I’d like to at least try once.

Looking forward to being a part of MakeICT and making some new friends, feel free to say hi if you catch me roaming around!


Hi Anthony, Were happy to have you! @doug.wilson is the lead for screen printing and is great about answering questions. He has a class every month for that area.

I myself joined for the metal and woodshop but found myself also using the fablab and ceramics a ton also.

I did think id have time when i first started and thought about staggering my membership between classes i was taking. But you end up finding time and it becomes a slight addiction moving to the next project!

My only recommendation is try everything once.

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Happy you are here


Hi Anthony! Super glad to see you here… make some time to come in and have fun! :slight_smile:

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