Help! What am I doing wrong? This is my third attempt at getting an image on the emulsion. This was this biggest failure although none of them have had wonderful lines.

Too thin perhaps? Did you clean the screen before you put emulsion on for the first time? New screens should be scoured before use, I learned that the hard way. Fine lines work better with transparencies, you can get those at City Blue for less than $1.50 each, I believe.

I did not scrub the screen before use. Although this was the second time I tried with that screen. I’m thinking maybe it was too thin, someone also thought it might be because I didn’t mix the emulsion well enough before use. I keep watching you tube videos trying to figure out my missing link. Thanks for your suggestions!

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Did it ball up like chewing gum when you tried to clean the screen? We had some screens where the emulsion was put on too thick and the result kinda looked like that…

What I learned today…I was putting the emulsion on not quite right. Almost right but not exactly. Also only spray the exposed side of the screen during washout. (Don’t listen to YouTube :slight_smile:). I knew there was something I wasn’t doing right :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your extra help Marc!