Help Needed for work at Booth on Tuesday, 1/28

Work date scheduled for Tuesday afternoon-night for rooms 11-14. I aim to: breaking out the glass blocks that need to be removed and clean up the mess that makes during the afternoon preparing for when Rustin plans to show up (5pm). If we can get to cutting the doorways open, that would be a neat experience to look back on! I am planning on picking up the concrete saw that is being loaned to us by Logan Pajunen (Former President and wonderful guy!), so we won’t be held back if we get that far.

We need help. I spoke with Rustin after his work session on Saturday and he was demoralized. He had a couple of guys who were a super great help, but the amount of work to be completed needed more people. There is a small group working very hard to make things happen and we need to be there to support them. I thought there was a larger group working out at Booth, and I was wrong to think I didn’t need to do more than loan the dump trailer. Learn from my error and help out where you can when you can. THIS IS YOUR MAKERSPACE so be a part of making it happen. When all the dust settles and its a maker monday at Booth, you will be able to say I helped make this place happen. I did XYZ!

I joined MakeICT when we were in the back of a building on Delano, shortly thereafter I helped move and build out 1500 E douglass. I have joy in me thinking back to all the late nights working with Mike Hutton to make the woodshop happen, the late nights with Gavin building the metal shop. It was a lot of work, but it was fun and I got to know people making life long friends. This is your chance to have this in your life. Please come down to Booth on Tuesday and give us a hand.


There were a few of us there last Tuesday evening. I plan on being there as long as the weather isn’t too bad.

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Is anyone working tonight?

I’m planning on 2-3pm tomorrow. I just got out of basketball practice and the kids took all my energy. I’m 30 miles out and beat, usually have a second coach with me… I doubt much work is done during a makermonday, but I am not certain of that.

Thank you

The building will be open for anyone to come pitch in any time after noon on Tuesday Jan 28.


Thanks for your help. I’m sorry that Rustin was somewhat drawn over the amount of work involved in the glass removal. Anytime you work up in the air on a scaffold 7 feet, tired is a real thing.

You and others need to know that Sam has posted a list of items last Wednesday that need to happen. Many of them need a permit to be pulled, and those are waiting on the approval of the plan submitted last week by our architect. The CAD work was impressive in detail and furnished by James Lancaster.

The ones in Bold are the ones that can be worked on without a permit. Remember any items that are not trash, should be stored for future use or disposal by the Board. Doors, frames, other stuff.

Our architect passed the word that he had checked the status of the ocument review that was submitted last week. It has been assigned and is being reviewed. He expects approval or clarifying questions soon.

I mentioned the work of removing the glass blocks tonight, to our architect and his response was, “They do not need to be removed.” I have addressed that with James, Rustin and the others.

So work on some of the other items. There are plenty. The Mods work group will meet again Wednesday at 5920 6:00 pm

Come on down then also. I’d like to meet you.

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We are still meeting at Booth tonight. The focus will still be to knock out what is needed to get rooms 11 through 14 to a point where we can start framing up above and be ready to install the doors.

John - The removal of the glass block was discussed last week with Jai. We had agreed that removing the glass block would make it easier to frame behind the drywall. You were there for that conversation. Did something changed after that discussion?

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No one said you shouldn’t get together and do things necessary to prepare for the work to be done under permits, when we receive them. Demo is fine, building …

When we left last Wednesday, the plan, discussed with David, James, Danny, Jai, Scott and myself among others, was to cover the the wood and glass block between the interior of 4 rooms and the attic space with layers of Type X drywall, from the interior. Nothing in the plan involved removing blocks. I did hear James saying he had questions.

On that basis, I asked Jai and Danny the next day to price the necessary drywall materials to complete the plan, On Friday there are lots of drawings about internal wall structure. Nothing was said about changing the plan we made on Wednesday.

Sunday I saw pictures of the glass removal. When Fred contacted me last night he made the statement about not needing to remove the glass. So my advice to Jeff was don’t spend time removing stuff that doesn’t need to be done. It is hard and carries some danger. We have plenty to do without utilizing the limited volunteer hours in doing stuff that doesn’t have to be done. I was referring to removal of glass block only.

Have all the wire conduits and races been unfasted and prepared for covering with drywall, as per the necessary work (with or without glass block) to proceed?

There are the list of tasks Sam wrote up that can be done.


Do you need help tonight? I can be there at around 6:30. I’ve worked in a construction family my whole life and just need to grab my work boots :stuck_out_tongue:


Please don’t get on people for getting things done. The glass block is removed because we had a definite plan with dimensions and materials required to build a wall that meets code, and that plan included removing the glass block. Since half of it is already gone I suggest we remove the rest to keep things consistent and only have one wall design that needs to be inspected/approved. That’s only a suggestion @rustin.atkeisson @jeff since I won’t be there til 7 tonight, likely after all the glass block work will have been done.

The way I see it, the current plan for the glass block/fire wall may not have been the easiest plan, but it is now the plan simply because Rustin stepped up and started on that path, and we need to commit and be supportive.

It should go without saying that if you or anyone still has concerns that a specific plan will not meet a specific requirement because of a specific feature or flaw of the plan, please bring that up.


Plan on being there after 5pm.
I’ll bring a sledge hammer

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Hi Ethan, I’m planning on being there around 7pm. I don’t have a key but I believe there will still be people there at that time and given the list I’m pretty confident there will still be things to work on.


Sounds great! See you then.

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A lot of good work got done before 7, and I’m sure plenty more is getting done. Keep up the good work everyone!


We had some fantastic help last night. Frank you were a tremendous help, working with you on the scaffold made removal fast, easy, and more productive breaking fewer of the blocks. Steve? (tall guy) I didn’t get your name but you were great help as well with Patrick getting the glass blocks stacked and in order as well as cleaning the mess of dust and glass we were making… Sam was a great help as always, plus he took care of other jobs. Rustin, did a nasty job in my opinion, cleaning the debri from the attic area with a smile on his face. Last night was a great example of getting a team and making it happen. If we can build on this, get more people involved and use teamwork this school will be an amazing makerspace. Thanks to everyone, if I missed someone I am sorry, share and remind me as I don’t always notice everything…

Elsewhere in the building, a nice gentleman I didn’t get the name of, acquired tooling and removed the yernals, that was a awkward job in tight corners but he got it done. There were several others working hard in the building, but as we get into the construction phase it will be beneficial to have more hands on deck.


yernals lol I’m naming a gnome wizard that in DND someday…

Awesome work everyone! Thank you so much!


I loved A D &D when I was a kid dont remember how to play but would love to learn again

It’s amazing what strength in numbers will do when I worked at spirit and we cleaned up we had all hands on deck it went super fast but if only one or two people did all the cleaning it took all night.
If you dont think you can help or your limited physically or you only have an hour or two to help believe me you can make a difference we have projects for all people even if you cant stay all night it’s ok we will take what you can give.
Please donate your time if you can help David and his team meet thier deadlines.
It takes a village…