Help needed 4.10.21

Good Morning MakeICT members.

I am needing help staffing the Key interviews at the Member Orientation this Saturday at 3:15pm. I’m looking for 2 members at large, 2 area or committee leads or assist.leads, 2 board members and 1 person from security. PLEASE let me know if you are available.
Thanks Bunches!!!

Thank you Doug for volunteering!

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I can’t be at the meeting at that time. (My appointment for my second shot is at 3:15.) I could probably come at 4:15 if you would still need me then.

I’m in the middle of doing some major yard work. It the weather ends up being Kansas weather, there’s a super thin chance I might be able to make it up there Saturday.

…it definitely seems odd that no one is signed up for either of my safety classes right now. is the key interview what is holding people up from signing up for classes?

I’ll be there.

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Thank you Devin. I appreciate it!!

No the Key interview is not impacting any classes.

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I can be there.

I’m getting second shot that day at 11 so as long as I don’t have any major issues after I’ll be there.

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My wife, Mary Smith, filled out the join application on Wednesday and was hoping to make the orientation tomorrow. Any chance that can still happen? She hasn’t heard anything about approval.


Drew, I do see that your wife’s background check has been completed. I do not see that she has taken a class yet, so unfortunately she would not be ready for orientation yet. There are a number of classes on the calendar. So once she takes a class, she would be able to sign up for any orientation session after that.


Thank you see you this afternoon!

Thank you Devin …see you this afternoon!

I’m on my way! As soon as this train gets out of the way. It’s like 3 mi long and moving it half a mile per hour

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I totally forgot about my birthday lunch with family sorry I didn’t make it.

All done