Help! I need something reupholstered

I am a long time member of Make ICT and avid woodworker, however, I’ve never touched a sewing machine. Would anyone be interested in trading out some woodworking for some reupholstering? Or perhaps just taking it on as a paid job?
It involves two cushions from a chair that zip off, an I would provide the cloth material. Photo below

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I could tackle it but I’m currently booked to the beginning of September with sewing work.


Perhaps using a softwood species and your skillset ?

Probably one of my least helpful comments :slight_smile:


The chair is oak, but I upholstered it in basswood.

I could :sparkles:try​:sparkles: but I’m still very new. It might be a learning together experience.

Great! I’d love to have you give it a try. I’m hoping it’s not too complex.
Let me know what works for you as far as transfer (drop or meet at the space?) and compensation