Help cutting plexiglass into a certain shape

I hope picture uploaded, but I was wondering if I could get some assistance cutting some plexiglass so it would fit this table I’m building?

General question first. What issue are you having with the laser.

Specific questions

  1. have you taken the class and are you authorized? This is a general question I am asking about all requests for help.

  2. You can only cut the approved material. If you are referring to Acrylic/Lucite/Plexiglas not some generic clear plastic.

The png you upload is a raster image. It should be an vector graphic/ svg or dxf from a cad package.

Do you have dimensions for your part?


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Yes, im approved and have taken classes. The plexiglass i bought was bought from Lowes, it is clear. The shape i uploaded is just a mock up shape of what i need.

I am planning to be around Friday night for a couple of hours ( 7-9 pm) and sat morning for about 3 hours in the morning. I be leaving the space about 9:30-12:30 give or take 30min. If we can get your issues out of the way here then it will bee easier while at the space.

Are you needing help with the drawing?

Is it a problem with laser web?

Are you worried about messing up the material you bought?

Is it the speed and power settings?

Is it a problem with the new badge system?

I would suggest testing your drawing with something else like cardboard or the Masonite.

I am interested in your laser usage and any problems you are having, so we can improve things for others with the same issues.

When I started to use the laser a few years ago. I took the class, but it was a while between taking the class and when I did my first project, so I was a bit to remember what you did weeks and moths before in the class.