Hello, it's the Goblin King, Jareth

Hello all, my name is Jareth. I’m happy to be a new member here. I have some professional experience in woodworking, metalworking, FabLab, and CAD experience. I hope to teach a class in Fusion 360 so look out for that soon. Anyways, see y’all soon!


Hello and welcome!!!


Hello and Welcome!

Hey Jareth!

Fusion360 is something we definitely use heavily for the CNC machines around the Makerspace. That would be awesome to see some Fusion360 classes on the calendars. I think all of the laptops already have it loaded.

You might keep an eye out for LaDeana’s ‘how to teach a class class’ but if you’d like to get a class going sooner, feel free to give me a shout. :slight_smile:


It’s already been submitted, unfortunately I had an issue come up today and didn’t get to posting. I’m hoping to get things done tomorrow evening after allu errands are run.

Welcome Jareth. Looking forward to taking a Fusion 360 class.

PLEASE tell me you were named after the best character in the most awesome movie ever. Also, welcome!


Super Jareth. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Well I move the stars for no one but yes, I am named after him :grin:


This is the greatest thing I’ve heard all week. Kudos to your parent(s)! It’s only forever, not long at all!

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I would love a class on Fusion 360! I have messed around on AutoDesk Inventor and MasterCam X7 in High School. And learned some SolidWorks in college.